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BMoRaw: BMoYou! The Mastermind

Welcome to BMoRaw: BMoYou! The Mastermind

BMoRaw: It’s a name, but it’s truly a directive, a calling, a beacon for your change. Are you ready to achieve your wildest dreams and become the best, RAW-est version of yourself? This 13-week seasonal transformation program is tailored to meet you and your aspirations right where you are, and will help you identify your truth and overcome the lies that may be holding you back.

Over the course of 13 weeks, you will work in tandem with BMoRaw to develop a clear understanding of your life and create a roadmap to create or redefine the life you want to live. We will then walk the road you’ve designed together. You will explore your values, beliefs, and behaviors, and develop new habits and mindsets that align with the life you chose. BMoRaw will be right along the way to witness, to be your cheerleader and to help you avoid some pains along the journey.

BMoRaw’s methodology stands on a living group of tenets that have solidified through both formal study and life experiences, affectionately called the RAW-isms. RAW-isms are grounded in positive psychology, neuroscience, and human development. They also have been forged in the fire of life. I have trained extensively to ask the right questions to help you unearth your truths, provide honest reflection, and help you stay accountable and true to yourself, the only one that really matters. 

BMoRaw: BMoYou! includes:

- Discovery Session(s): A comprehensive evaluation of your current situation, goals, and challenges, using a combination of assessments, interviews, and exercises.

- Weekly BMoYou! Sessions: 120-minute sessions with Brandis, either in-person at the Haven of Ascension or via video call, to review progress, set goals, and explore new perspectives.

- RAW Action plan development: A customized action plan with specific goals, strategies, and deadlines, tailored to your needs and preferences.

- Resources and tools: Access to a wealth of resources, including coaching tools, assessments, reading materials, and a powerful BMoRaw community to support your continued learning and development.

- Accountability and RAW Life Support: Ongoing feedback, encouragement, and support from BMoRaw to help you stay motivated and on track.

By the end of your transformation, you will have achieved new clarity and progress toward YOUR goals, developed a new sense of trust in SELF, and gained valuable insights and skills that you can apply to all areas of YOUR life. Whether you are seeking career advancement or change, personal growth, or simply a more fulfilling life, BMoRaw: BMoYou! will set you on a path to YOU.

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