The Art of Sacred Selfishness

You don’t want to miss this exclusive retreat June 17-18 at the Haven of Ascension in Gonzales, LA

The last retreat was a reflective pause and a catalyst into YOUR life. We pause at the change of every season to bask in the sacredness of our selfishness. You don’t want to miss this exclusive event with BMoRaw. Specifically curated for those who want to learn authenticity and being true to themselves.

Limited Spaces Available - $350

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The first collection of BMoRaw wearable art was designed to remind the us that we draw the map of our heart’s terrain. Inspired by topographical maps that show height and depth in 2D, the RAW-ography collection aims to inspire you to show the layers of your soul.

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What does it mean to B Mo Raw?

Who is BMoRaw?

I am Brandis. I decided to curate and hold this space to help myself and other souls relish in their uniqueness and, ultimately, live the lives we want and choose. I have lived a myriad of lives and am currently building an exciting life full of ease and pleasure, just as I want. I have learned so much in this life so far and fancy myself a collector of experience. I have gathered so many tools, true to life lessons - Raw-isms I call them, that have helped me in my journey. I want to share them with you to help you build the life you truly want. I know you’ll find them helpful and I encourage you to sprinkle that shit liberally to support your journey. I’m excited for you to join me in BMoRaw Society. I love you.

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